Tarmon Services

Pre-school – The Ladybird Room:

Our preschool session runs from 09.15am – 12.15pm Monday – Friday. Within this service, your child can avail of the ECCE scheme, which offers 3 hours a day of free childcare to children aged from 2 years and 8 months over a 38 week period. During the ECCE session, children will have the opportunity to learn, explore and become independent children all whilst learning through play. Children have access to a wide variety of open ended materials, jigsaws, arts & crafts, painting and sensory (Water, Rice and Sand) play. Children also have access to our outdoor area – playground, mud kitchen, bikes and open ended outdoor materials. Children also have access to a state of the art outdoor facilities including a playground, astro-turf pitch, running track, football pitches and the school garden where children plant, grow and look after their own vegetables and flowers during the school year. All children also have access to all facilities that are located within Tarmon National School – sensory gym and sensory room. 

The early childhood curriculum of Aistear and the Siolta quality standards are included into our play-based curriculum at Happy Feet Childcare, which focuses on learning and development in the early years. Our early years’ educators are skilled in fostering your child’s growth in a playful and enjoyable environment. A learning journey storybook filled with illustrations, paintings, and photos of your child and their new pals captures each child’s individual adventure.  We acknowledge that the three to five-year-old preschool years are particularly significant and set the groundwork for your child’s primary education.  Your child is being exposed to literacy, numeracy, art & craft, dance, and physical education at this point.

During the pre-school session, children bring their own healthy, nutritious snack and we sit together to have lunch. 

Children in Happy Feet Childcare wear the following uniform – Navy jumper / cardigan, blue polo-shirt, navy tracksuit bottoms / leggings / skirt / dress. 

Breakfast Club

8.00am – 9.10am – Monday to Friday

Children are served toast, fruit, milk / water. 

After breakfast, children enjoy supervised games, football, colouring, table top activities etc.

All children are then brought to their allocated drop off areas at 9.10am

Afterschool Club

Within our afterschool club, we offer two different services – 

Happy Hour for Junior & Senior infants (2pm-3pm)

This service is ideal for families that may have other children in older classes and have only one pick up to do. Children are collected at their classroom door by a staff member and are brought to their allocated area for afterschool.  Children enjoy fun organised activities, arts and crafts, baking and lots of outdoor activities. Children are then brought to their allocated collection point at 3pm for collection by parents/guardians

Full afterschool service 2/3pm – 6pm

Children who avail of this service is served a hot, nutritious, home cooked meal every day at 3.15pm. After dinner is served, children then have an opportunity to complete any written homework they may have which is fully supervised by staff members. Once homework is completed, children will participate in a variety of organised activities which include, outdoor play, arts and crafts, board games, quizzes, baking, meditation, yoga and lots more. Children are served evening snack every evening which consists of fruit and water. 

Children that do not attend Tarmon National School are very welcome to join our service, but need to provide their own transport. 

The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) is available to all families and can be used to avail of reduced childcare. 

Full Day Care (During non-term time / School Holidays) 

Full day care for school age children is provided in our Tarmon Service during non-term time / school holidays. Opening hours is 8.00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday. 

Children will enjoy a wide variety of activities including outdoor play, arts and crafts, board games, quizzes, baking, meditation, yoga, sports days, movie days, bringing in their bikes/scooters etc. 

Children bring their own morning snack with them and a hot, nutritious, home cooked dinner and evening snack is provided to them. 

The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) can be used during this period. 

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