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Happy Feet Childcare opened its doors in September 2011,  located at Knockroe, Castlerea and is under the Management of Anita Flynn.  We cater for children aged 2 years and 6 months up to 12 years. We have a team of fully qualified staff who are dedicated to providing the highest level of childcare. Our opening hours are MondayFriday 9.00 a.m. – 6 p.m.   We offer many services including Pre-school (two sessions per morning)an Afterschool Club  and Full day Care.  School pick up service is available from St. Anne’s N.S. and Tarmon N.S.  We run Summer Camps during July for children ages 2 years 6 months upwards. Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and nappy changing facilities are also available.

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  • [quote photo=” author=’Rachel Kenny’]Our little girl attended Happy Feet last year for her pre school year, aged 4. The surroundings are wonderful & the environment was always happy and child friendly. Our little lady settled quickly and enjoyed every minute with Anita and her staff, never wanting to miss a day! Every day was a busy time for their little hands & minds. They had lots of trips out and about. Every occassion during the year was recognised and celebrated in great style! Their year came to an end with a Graduation ceremony, where each child received their certificate and a personal memory book of their year in Happy Feet-It was so special.  I couldn’t recommend Happy Feet highly enough.[/quote]
  • [quote photo=” author=’Charlie & Ann Marie’]Anita and Staff. We can’t thank you all enough for what you have done for Cathal in the last 2 years. You won him over and he loved every minute he had in Happyfeet! We are looking forward to your new afterschool facility and We know both Cathal and Leah will be in very safe hands.[/quote]
  • [quote photo=” author=’June’]Hi Anita. I think happy feet is wonderful. My kids love it. They do loads of different learning activities and really enjoy it . There’s a lovely play area outside also. I would highly recommend it..[/quote]


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